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About me

I consider myself a multidisciplinary artist, as I have always been passionate about adapting concepts, approaches, and methods from various forms of art in the process of creation. I believe I could not have thoroughly embodied art without experiencing it in its various forms. Thus, my 18 years of artistic experience consists of several forms of art, even though, as a woman living in a culturally developing and oppressive society, I have constantly been encountering suppressions and complexities. 

Nevertheless, I have become inspired and stimulated by such hardships throughout my creations and have resided in art to endure the alienation from the society in which I live.
Following the completion of my high school studies in Graphic Design, I studied Visual Communications at university. My research interests include adapting a multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach to investigate and analyse the significance and impact of art on human perception.
My professional experience roots back to when I was     (2006) when I began performing in Iran’s second-largest national choir as a Soprano and Mezzo-Soprano singer. I performed in more than 120 Acapella performances across all national TV channels and in numerous venues through four years. My acting career includes various stage and TV performances for which I was awarded the Best Stage Reader Prize and four Certificates of Appreciation for performing in national festivals. My other experiences in theatre include directing, stage managing, script supervising, theatre poster design, and more. Upon maturing my acting career, I then began painting in 2020, the result of which is a collection of 30 portraits.

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