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30 drawings, for 30 years of dissonance...

Oli paint Collection

My collection is a personal expression of the duality, emotional dissonance, and alienation enforced upon individuals living in modern societies, 
regardless of their sociodemographic backgrounds. 

I began each piece by drawing the portraits on canvas and utilised various Passepartouts to capture and crop the portraits in such ways that would most communicate the pressure of the individual to the viewers. I drew the scars on the portraits by sticking dried oil paint from my palette on the faces. 
Consequently, some pieces in my collection have had more than five layers of paint on them.
This collection is a personal expression of my burdens and 
alienation from modern societies, enforced upon me by having to take 
various roles and consequently reaching the point of 
emotional dissonance and duality. 

Collection title: …, that we are not.
Date: 2020-2021
Material: Oil on Canvas
Artistic style: Expressionism
Inspired by: Jenny Saville

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